14 Send Message to all Enrolless cf_sort_option1: id
cf_sort_order: asc
suppression: yes
Number of records with duplicate email addresses: 1

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Current CMH OLE Distribution List
as of 07/02/2020
The current CMH OLE distribution list consists of only non-FMHI enrollees in the CMH OLE registration database whose email addresses are NOT flagged as no good. The list excludes all records where the Beta field is not empty ( or null) and all records whose email addresses as designated as "no good" (i.e., those designated as having bad email addresses or those "removed" by the enrollees themselves):

27 (total non-FMHI records) - 1(bad addresses) = 26 (good addresses)

Total number of email addresses to which the message would be sent: 27 (including Phil)
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Suppress Duplicate Email Addresses? Yes (default)    No  
Sort By:
Unique ID (default)    Last Name    Email    Email Status
Order: Ascending (default)    Descending

Folks to whom the message was sent:
( Duplicate email addresses suppressed   •    Sorted by id in ascending order)
  ID Name Email Address Is address good?
1 2 Beemer, Butch mock_address@phillipgrace.com Yes
2 3638 Davis, Owen odavis@trainingfolks.com Yes
3 3639 Davis, Steve sdavis@trainingfolks.com Yes
4 3640 User012, Demo mock_address@phillipgrace.com Yes
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