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This is the Website of Phillip E. Grace, Ph.D.

I am an evidence-based instructional designer, adhering to learning theory/principles and instructional methodologies that have been validated through research and successful practical application.

My focus is on generating beneficial behavioral change through the accurate assessment of training needs, design of effective and efficient instruction, development of performance support tools, and targeted evaluation to effect a true return-on-investment for both learners and the company/organization for which they work.

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My professional information, as well as samples of my writing, desktop publishing, and graphics/artwork.
Samples and Demos of some of my past training and eLearning projects

Digital Portfolio

Resumé (Both PDFs)(
Graphics & Art
Past Projects
Short Version (108 KB)
Long Version (281 KB)
List of Skills (PDF; 93 KB)
Gugengrace Gallery of Art
Dissertation study presentation
(PowerPoint as PDF)

Writing Samples ( All PDFs)

Desktop Publishing Samples (All PDFs)
Special Training Areas
Dissertation (5.7 MB)
A Birds-Eye View of eLearning Development (201 KB)
Screen-By-Screen Versus Page-Based Screen Designs in Web-Based Training: Their Effects on Learner Satisfaction and Performance (261 KB)
The Behaviorist Perspective on Learning (41 KB)
  Learner Control: Does it Lead to More Effective Computer-Based Instruction? (94 KB)
Stereotyping: Process and Manifestation (38 KB)
Projects, Project Management and the Project Manager (68 KB)
Internship and Training Contributions (135 KB)
Opportunities for Applied Anthropologists (95 KB)
Anthropologist-Consultant Pool (168 KB)
Flyer for "Domestic Violence" workshop (482 KB)
Flyer for "Foundations in Behavioral Healthcare" workshop (651 KB)
Handbook for "Counseling in the 90's: Bridging Cultural Barriers" workshop (21 MB)
Label for "Co-Occurring Disorders" eLearning CD (81 KB)
BàFà BàFà: A Cultural Simulation

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